Tooth Replacement in Mill Creek WA

Tooth Replacement in Mill Creek WA

Our natural teeth are expected to last a lifetime. However, due to factors that are beyond our control, we may end up losing our teeth.

The most common causes of tooth loss are cavities, gum diseases, or an accident.

When tooth loss occurs, the other teeth slowly start to shift and occupy the empty spaces, causing misalignments and adding pressure on the existing teeth.

At Silver Firs Dental, we have several alternatives for replacing missing teeth. If you have a tooth that has been knocked out in an accident or was removed due to decay, we can help replace it so that you can regain the full functionality and appearance of your smile.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Tooth Replacement Procedures?

A good candidate for tooth replacement is anyone missing one or more teeth or someone who is unhappy with their dentures.

Age is not a factor for undergoing tooth replacement. However, smoking, diseases such as diabetes, and radiation therapy have been shown to lower the success rate of tooth replacement procedures.

After conducting a physical examination and taking detailed X-rays, our dentists at Silver Firs Dental will recommend which option would work best for you.

What Are the Different Tooth Replacement Options?

There are various alternatives to replace your missing teeth, such as:

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is a permanent restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. The new teeth imitate the look, shape, and function of natural teeth. They are also custom-made as per the needs of individual patients.


Dentures are false teeth and gums that are designed to replace lost or extracted natural teeth. They are either full or partial and are tailor-made to fit your mouth and match your existing teeth.

Partial Metal

A more traditional option is a removable partial denture fabricated from plastic and metal. It is held in position by wire clips. A removable partial denture can be removed or reinserted by the patient when desired.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer the most comfortable and long-lasting solution for tooth replacement. The implants provide a solid foundation for the replacement teeth and keep the jaw healthy and strong.

Dental Implants can help support a single replacement tooth or anchor specialized dentures in place.

The procedure for placing dental implants does not cause damage to the adjacent teeth and can last a lifetime. Implant-supported replacement teeth are stable, natural-looking, and comfortable.

To learn more about the tooth replacement options we offer at Silver Firs Dental in Mill Creek, Washington, call (425) 225-5757 and schedule an appointment.

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