Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Restorative dental treatments become essential for most people at some point in their lives. One of our most standard restorations here at Silver Firs Dental in Mill Creek, Washington, is the dental crown. 

Nowadays, the dental crown procedure is safer, faster, and more efficient than ever before. Pioneering technology and advanced techniques have led to the advent of same-day CEREC crowns, which have modernized restorative treatment.


Regardless of their material, conventional crowns typically involve a lengthy process spread out over several appointments. 

The CEREC system enables us to prepare your tooth and fabricate a porcelain crown within a single dental appointment. 

After the tooth is reshaped, we use an intraoral camera and CEREC software technology to generate a digital impression and design your crown. The digital design process ensures an exact and comfortable fit.


Our dentists at Silver Firs Dental will be able to tell you whether a CEREC crown is the perfect solution during your first consultation. Primarily, we must determine how decayed or damaged your tooth is. 

This usually includes a visual examination and X-rays or cone-beam CT scans. 

Most patients in need of a traditional dental crown should also qualify for CEREC treatment. We recommend a CEREC same-day crown if you do not have the time for multiple appointments and want to spend fewer hours in the dental office. 


The CEREC procedure begins with tooth preparation. Local anesthesia is commonly used to numb the tooth area before reshaping the enamel. 

Then, our dentists use a dental tool to remove a portion of the enamel and reshape it to accommodate the size and shape of the crown.

The next step is to take an impression of the reshaped tooth. The CEREC impression process consists of an intraoral scanner, which captures multiple images of your teeth in seconds. The CEREC technology then combines these images into a single, three-dimensional representation of your teeth and gums.

Next, we use the digital representation to design your new crown and send it to our CEREC milling unit. A well-fitting crown that matches the exact dimensions of our digital design is fabricated.

Once the crown is ready, it will be checked for a proper fit, and if required, minor adjustments will be made. Once we are satisfied with its placement, we will permanently attach your crown into place using a strong adhesive.

If you would like to know more about same-day dental crowns, our team at Silver Firs Dental in Mill Creek, Washington, is here to help. Call (425) 225-5757 to schedule your consultation today!

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