Before Using Teeth Whitening Strips, Here’s What You Should Know

Silver Firs DentalMany wish their teeth were whiter and brighter or that the teeth discoloration that has occurred over time can be minimized or even erased. Teeth whitening strips are marketed as a low-cost, high-impact method of accomplishing this. 

However, using teeth whitening strips has a few key drawbacks our team at Silver Firs Family & Implant Dentistry think you should know. 


Teeth whitening strips are made of a flexible plastic material covered in a thin coating of whitening gel, which commonly contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When you place the strips on your teeth, the gel comes into contact with their surface and penetrates them to begin the whitening process. 


Although teeth whitening strips appear to be a great, low-cost approach to achieving a brighter smile, they have three major drawbacks you should be aware of if you want to use them:

Possible Uneven Results 

Regardless of how well you lay the strips, a strip is two-dimensional while your teeth are three-dimensional. There will always be areas where the strip does not completely cover the tooth. At best, this will result in slightly uneven results. But, at worst, you may be left with ugly yellow edges on your teeth that are quite visible.

Potential Gum Problems

While the bleaching agent in teeth whitening strips is not as strong as the one used by dentists, it is still a harsh chemical that can harm your gums. It’s critical to avoid any contact between the whitening chemicals and your gums as much as possible. This is sometimes easier said than done. Consider using scissors to cut the strips to better match the exact shape of your teeth to prevent contact with the soft tissues.

Potential Tooth Sensitivity and Damage

Although using teeth whitening strips in moderation is harmless, overdoing it can cause sensitivity and even irreversible damage to your teeth. If the coating of enamel is eroded due to excessive application of a whitening agent, you will not only experience discomfort, but you will also risk decay and other problems that, in the worst-case scenario, could result in tooth loss.

To learn more about the best alternatives to teeth whitening strips, contact our experts at Silver Firs Family & Implant Dentistry. Call us at (425) 225-5757 or visit us at 13209 44th Ave SE #201, Mill Creek, WA 98012 to schedule your appointment.

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